Back from the dead…again


In honor of the 3rd resurrection of this blog, I’ve decided to make a random post.

Today’s post is a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Children of the Grave” by White Zombie.

Children of the Grave (right click/Save as)

Do yourself a favor, and go buy the album that this is from:

Bones Of Folk

Wishing Well (Left click to play)

Straight from the indie scene in NYC, comes the awesome 3 piece band “Bones Of Folk”. The band formed in 2013 by Danyul Kostin, Greg Mendez, and Dan Makowski. Their music is best described as “anti-folk”, for those keeping score at home.

The band released their first EP in 2014, entitled “Dead Sweat”, an awesome 3 track digital EP that is currently available on Amazon Music, iTunes, and various streaming services (Xbox Music, Nokia MixRadio, and more.)

Be sure to check these guys out, like NAO!!!!

Bones Of Folk at Facebook

The Special Goodness

Teaser track (via Soundcloud)

The Special Goodness is the side project of Weezer drummer Pat Wilson. We’ve previously featured his music HERE, so be sure to check out those other posts for more info. This album is unique in that Pat performs all the instruments, which includes Guitar, Synth Bass, Drums, and Vocals.

Let’s get straight to the point. Pat Wilson is a co-writer of some of Weezer’s best songs (Surf Wax America, The World Has Turned, etc.) and is a very accomplished song writer in his own right. This album is a very good follow up to 2003’s Land Air Sea.

I recently purchased the entire digital album for $5.99 at AmazonMP3. I highly encourage you to check this album out. It is certainly worth it in my book.

For those of you that want the CD:

Veruca Salt – So Weird

(image courtesy of

So Weird (Right Click/Save As)
(this track is provided by

Veruca Salt was formed in 1992 in Chicago, Illinois by Louise Post and Nina Gordon. The two had been introduced by a mutual friend and decided to form a band.

In 1994, they signed with a local indie label before being snapped up by Geffen Records (home to Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana, Weezer, etc.) where their debut album American Thighs was re-released. The first single off of the album was the song Seether, and it quickly became a hit.

The band then released (the now out of print) “Blow It Out Your Ass, It’s Veruca Salt” E.P., as a hold-over until their next album was to be released.

In 1997 the band released Eight Arms To Hold You to much fan-fare and acclaim (it quickly went Gold), and spawned a few singles. The first was Volcano Girls which was then followed by the heavy rocker Shutterbug. Videos were made for both singles.

In 1998, co-founder Nina Gordon left the group and the band was dissolved but reformed a year later (with Louise Post being the sole original member) and released the album “Resolver”, with the lead single “Born Entertainer” in 2000.

Over the next few years, band members rotated in and out (except for Post and guitarist Stephen Fitzpatrick) with the band releasing the Lords of Sounds and Lesser Things EP in 2004.

**Update** in November of 2013, Veruca Salt formally announced the reunion of the original band. They are currently recording a new album, and planning a tour in 2014!

2006 saw the release of the bands latest album Veruca Salt IV, featuring the lead single So Weird.

This track is my favorite on the whole album. The album is really good, and is a worthy addition to any alternative music fan’s collection.

Pick up these albums in the Zune Marketplace, as well as AmazonMP3.

Check out the band’s official YouTube page, as well as their website for more info and content.

Held Hostage: Escaping Your Cell Phone Carrier’s Iron Grip

I wrote this article, over at EnConnected, mainly in response to all of the hullaballoo surrounding the announcement of current Windows Phone devices not being upgraded to Windows Phone 8.

Many folks were very irritated and upset by this. In some ways, I really understand. However, in my opinion, there is no one but themselves to blame for it.

Head over to EnConnected to read why.

PS – I promise I’ll start posting more music soon. With Zune dead and all, I’ve got to rethink the purpose of this site. maybe? is BACK!

Back in June of 2010, the server hosting the original ZuneTracks blog, died…suddenly. After two years of having life throw curveballs, job changes and whatnot, I decided it was high time to get the old blog back up again. So here it is! We now have blog posts reaching all the way back into 2007, the heyday of Zune!

Feel free to stay a while, enjoy the wonderful content, and stroll down memory lane with us, for Zune has died today and is being replaced with “XBOX Music”.

RIP Zune. 6/4/2012


(image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Iris – (click to get it from SkyDrive)

Kim Deal is a name that is very familiar to any fan of indie rock. She is equally recognized as the bassist for Pixies, and as the singer/guitarist of her own band The Breeders.

The Breeders were originally formed in 1988 by Kim Deal and Tanya Donelly of Throwing Muses (and Belly). Originally the band was formed as a creative outlet for Deal, as she didn’t get to write many songs for Pixies, which was a major point of contention and eventually lead to the band’s breakup.

The Breeders lineup has changed over the years, with Kim Deal as the only original member. Currently the band consists of Kim Deal (Vox/Guitar), Kelley Deal (Guitar, Backing Vox), Jose Medeles (Drums), and Mando Lopez (Bass).

The band has released 4 full length albums over the last 20 years: Pod, Last Splash, Title TK, and Mountain Battles.

Today’s track is a live version of “Iris” which is found on the No Alternative soundtrack. The original studio cut of this track is found on Pod.

Check them out in Zune Marketplace or get them at AmazonMP3.

Check out their 1993 video for “Cannonball” at the Youtube.

“Caution: Birds Fly Low, Overhead”

(Image Courtesy of

Who are these guys”, “What a stupid album cover”, “What a sucky band name” are all things that you might say, in regards to “Them Crooked Vultures”. I should know, because I said those very same things, until I actually took the time to listen to this album…which is currently 5 bucks at AmazonMP3.

TCV is a “supergroup” (I HATE that term) comprised of Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) on Guitar/Vox, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) on Bass/backing Vox/various other instruments, and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) on Drums/backing Vox. The three started collaborating as early as 2005, but didn’t actually get to start recording until early 2009. They originally wanted to call themselves “Caligula”, but they found out that the name was taken. They then settled on “Them Crooked Vultures”, since it had absolutely no meaning.

The fruits of these sessions are a wonderful 13 track recording which is neither QotSA, Foo Fighters, or Zeppelin, though you can certainly hear those influences in the music.

My current favorite tracks are:

1. No One Loves Me, Neither Do I

8. Reptiles

Also check out these guys on YouTube.

If you subscribe to Zune Pass, pick them up in the Marketplace, or pick up the album from AmazonMP3.

My apologies for the lack of a downloadable mp3, but thanks to the PROTECT IP act, I’m having to find other means to share the music I love. Thanks Congress for restricting my speech, in favor of a dying industry’s whims…